Educational Objectives

Student: ____________________ Academic Year ________

[The affidavit includes] an outline of proposed education objectives by subject area... The required outline
of proposed educational objectives shall not be utilized by the superintendent in determining if the home
education program is out of compliance with this section and section 1327.
-- Act 169 of 1988

to include
-- exposure to literature
-- experience with composition
-- continued vocabulary enrichment
-- continued grammar review

Science to include
-- increased understanding of living things and the world and universe around us

Social Studies to include
-- continued exposure to history and geography of Pennsylvania, the US, and the world, civics, and current events

Mathematics to include
-- review of basic facts
-- review / improved understanding of math concepts
Art to include
-- use of various media
-- exposure to various artists

Music to include
-- exposure to various types of music
-- exposure to different composers and musicians

Physical Education and Health to include
-- incorporation of exercise into everyday activity
-- continued discussion of the importance of nutrition, fire safety, dangers of drug use, human growth and development, and transmission of disease