Educational Objectives, 6th Grade

I. English
A. Improve knowledge of phonics and grammar
B. Read a wide variety of books and types of literature
C. Improve spelling through spelling instruction, reading, and correcting her own writing
D. Improve writing skills by writing original stories and reports

II. Math
A. Improve computational skills
B. Introduce new math concepts and master them
C. Handle money in everyday life

III. History and Geography
A. Increase knowledge of ancient world history with books, field trips, and other sources
B. Improve map and globe skills
C. Read historical novels to learn about life in various cultures

IV. Science
A. Learn through reading and hands-on experimentation
B. Turn everyday experiences into science lessons

V. Health and Safety
A. Increase knowledge of human physiology
B. Learn more about good nutrition and other areas affecting good health
C. Become more knowledgeable about street, traffic and home safety
D. Receive regular and continuous instruction in the dangers and prevention of fires

VI. Physical Education
A. Continue to develop ability with activities such as soccer, bike riding, rollerblading, etc.

VII. Music
A. Increase music appreciation by listening to a variety of music genre and attending concerts
B. Continue participation in group singing
C. Continue piano lessons and practice

A. Grow in representational drawing ability
B. Become familiar with various artistic media
C. Become familiar with the works of various artists
D. Pursue her own artistic interests

IX. Library
A. Make independent use of library
B. Improve skills in locating fiction, nonfiction, biography and reference books