Proposed Educational Objectives by Subject Area

Student: ____________________ Academic Year ________

[The affidavit includes] an outline of proposed education objectives by subject area... The required outline
of proposed educational objectives shall not be utilized by the superintendent in determining if the home
education program is out of compliance with this section and section 1327.
-- Act 169 of 1988


  • Student will continue to read from a variety of sources, fiction and non-fiction, for information and for pleasure, both silently and aloud.
  • Student will explore the English language through writing, reading, speaking, and listening using various media.


  • Student will gain more experience with various kinds of writing, both by hand and on the computer.


  • Student will use various resources to determine the correct spelling of words he wishes to use in his writing.


  • Student will do mathematics work at a level appropriate for his ability.
  • Student will use problem solving mathematics skills in daily life applications.
  • Student will conduct his own financial transactions.
  • Student will use mathematical concepts in free play, using materials such as pattern blocks, tangrams, and Cuisinaire rods.
  • Student will use measurement in cooking and other practical situations.


  • Student will increase his scientific knowledge through experimentation, observation, museum visits, classes and reading.


  • Student will expand his geographic knowledge of his community, his country, and the world through travel, maps, and stories.
  • Student will continue to use maps and other resources to navigate roads and public transportation on outings and family trips, both local and out-of-state.


  • Student will add to his basic understanding of the history of PA, the USA, and the world through reading and discussion, and possibly field trips.


  • Student will play an active role in his community, appropriate for his age and ability.
  • Student will begin to gain a basic understanding of local, state, and federal government.


  • Student will continue to learn about various aspects of safety, including the dangers and prevention of fires.


  • Student will learn about taking care of himself, including the dangers of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, and the advantages of good nutrition and other health practices.
  • Student will learn about the human body, at a level appropriate for his age and ability.


  • Student will have regular physical activity aimed at developing health, coordination and strength.


  • Student will be exposed to a variety of musical styles, through recorded music and possibly attending live performances.
  • Student will have the opportunity to pursue his own musical interests.


  • Student will use a variety of media to make creations of his own choosing.


  • Student will not be limited to these activities; rather throughout the year we will take advantage of whatever opportunities and resources seem appropriate at the time.